Website Development and Affordable Web Hosting

Prolevel Friendly Web Developers will take care of the essential development processes: website development, website design, website programming and testing. In particular, we specialise in providing quality website development and website design. One of the key tools we offer to our customers is CMS (Content management System). It allows you to modify any content on your website without prior knowledge of web programming/coding and any extra financial input. It is no secret that, if you decide to have a website, most developers will charge you for further maintenance and content alterations. Our staff will not. CMS content management system is our complete solution and response to challenges of website management.
Moreover, our simple CMS content management system will allow a non-technical user to apply the following functions:
  • Freely modify website’s content and be in control of what is uploaded on a website.
  • Access a website content from any PC that has an Internet connection
  • Manage the content of a website without any knowledge of FTP or HTML
  • Add and change images and pictures on your website by uploading them directly from your PC.
  • Make your website appeal to others on the web by regularly carrying out your own updates.
Finally, the biggest advantage of our simple CMS content management system is that it is a one off cost for our clients, which means that there will be no ongoing web site development and maintenance payments involved.

One problem you may encounter when you have a website is where to host it. Why not choose our cheap web hosting servers for this? The annual charge is just 100 pounds p/a

Our customers will also benefit from using their domain name for sending and receiving e-mails.

Domain name registration.

We can register a domain name on your behalf. All you need is just provide us with your website details and we will undertake all the necessary registration procedures. Our team of web developers will do their best to get you the cheapest pricing option and the best match on a domain availability list.

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