Bespoke online system development 

At Prolevel we offer unique web system development and best web system solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. This can be
  •         online forms,
  •         reports,
  •         databases,
  •         data storages,
  •         online system tool or a set of tools.
  •         workforce management, job logging, etc
It is important to note that you and your clients/employers can have access to any of the above bespoke tools or online systems from any computer which has an Internet connection.

The majority of Prolevel online system projects are developed for such industries as oil, health and safety and hygiene.
Our portfolio of examples includes such projects as:
  • Web system tool set for oil industry including
    • a unique forum, allowing to read, create and reply to themes and posts via emails. The forum also enables users to attach multiple files to each post via web and email, e.g docs, images, graphs, etc.
    • an internal messenger for sending and receiving private messages
    • a consultant profile
    • an archive of different types of documents (logs, help files, image logs, quality control reports, etc.)
    • a global map of rigs with an option to attach various types of documents and photos
    • toolstrings and tips with an option to add multiple tips containing multiple images
    • world wide text messaging service, enabling staff to send multiple text messages to consultants' mobile phones and receive responses either via email or directly to a mobile phone
    • a client directory. A must-have tool which enables to add clients or edit your entire clientele.
  • Some examples of web applications and tools implemented within health and safety industry contain
    • White Label
    • Audit
    • Risk Assessment
    • Navigator
    • My documents
    • Accident reporting
    • Events Log
    • Errors Log
Prolevel team has received many positive comments about our tool that enables businesses to store data online and share it with other users. This "must have" online data storage web system is a key to a hassle free file management and online storage, allowing you to upload various types of web content including:
  • multiple folders
  • links
  • notes
  • files.
An example of recently completed work is
  • an online booking system with the following features:
    • multiple groups of courses
    • multiple venues
    • private (hidden) courses
    • invite users to enrol on private courses
    • manage multiple delegates within one user account
    • an archive of courses taken
    • automated notifications to renew a course
    • interested in a course wishlist
    • awaiting for a course wishlist
If you have further queries or need some more info, please do not hesitate to contact  us by filling in the enquiry form and provide brief details of your requirements.

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